Extra Jomfru Olivenolie OLIVASTRO - 500 ml.

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Extra Jomfru Olivenolie OLIVASTRO - 500 ml.

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The Olivastro line is dedicated to a cultivar typical of Mediterranean landscapes. It grows spontaneously and spreads very easily, it has been part of the Puglia landscape for centuries, and is cultivated with passion by our farmers despite the low yield. This line is a tribute to the tenacity and passion of our people who choose authenticity, always. In the refined bottles of the Olivastro line, the tips of gold meet the colors of our country.

It's part of the Monocultivar Collection.

Harvest time: November 

Colour : emerald green.

Olfactory sensation: medium fruitiness with notes of floral hints, of mown grass, green apple, oregano and artichoke.

Taste sensation: there is a balanced bitterness and spiciness of medium intensity, with notes of spices, vegetables, artichoke and aromatic herbs.

Serve on : ideal on vegetables, salads, white meats and grilled fish, meat carpaccio and medium-aged cheeses.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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