"Mary Katrantzou" Gaveboks

Galateo & Friends

"Mary Katrantzou" Gaveboks

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Gift box including 4 bottles of:

- Taggiasca olive oil - 250 ml.

- Lemon flavored olive oil - 250 ml.

- Balsamic vinegar - 250 ml.

- Wine rosè vinegar - 250 ml.

Mary Katrantzou and Galateo&Friends launch their first limited edition collaboration: a gift box containing a selection of 4 Galateo&Friends oils and condiments dressed in the iconic stamp prints. Two different worlds that have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind limited edition. The packages are not only sustainable, colorful and elegant, but they contain a precious set of oils and condiments clothes of the coveted prints. This incredible collaboration between food and fashion celebrates Mediterranean tradition.

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