Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml.
Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml.


Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml.

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Prepared exclusively from Ogliarola olives, those with the most balanced taste, grown in the exceptional climate of Puglia, processed within a few hours from harvest according to modern technology; Crudo Ogliarola is a monovarietal (comes from only one variety of olives) with a medium-intense fruitiness .

Excellent when used naturally, ideal for preparing Mediterranean cuisine.

Harvest time: November.

Colour : green with yellow reflections.

Olfactory sensation: notes of artichoke, asparagus and green pepper mixed with almond tones.

Taste sensation: soft and elegant with herbaceous sensations; excellent balance between spicy and bitter.

Recommended pairings : bruschetta, caprese, pasta with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, pinzimonio ( spanking fresh vegetables dipped in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper), fish carpaccio, pesto, green salads, vegetables au gratin, red meat-based sauces, meat fillet with green pepper.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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