Spicy Rød Ketchup - 200 gr.

Nonno Andrea

Spicy Rød Ketchup - 200 gr.

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Nonno Andrea finally redeemed this sauce, plagued by a bad reputation.

An out-of-the-world ketchup! This recipe, as well as all Nonno Andrea's ketchups, was created by the vegan chef and natural cooking expert Martino Beria, to create healthy and fun recipes with vegetables from their own cultivation

It is prepared at low temperature in vacuum cooking, with the use of many types of Biodiversity Friend certified vegetables and quality ingredients, such as prime-quality tomatoes, spices, cane sugar and organic apple cider vinegar.

The handmade ketchup by Nonno Andrea, which has a beautiful, deep red colour , tastes delicious with fries or vegetable chips, or hamburgers and other exquisite sandwiches. Its slightly spicy flavor also pairs very well with grilled meat.

We love to pair it with: fries, gourmet sandwiches and sauce for grilled food, meatballs or crunchy vegetables.

Ingredients : tomato, organic apple vinegar, fennel, onion, organic cane sugar, celery , unrefined salt, garlic, ginger, hot pepper, aromatic herbs.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 326 kJ / 78 kcal

grab 0.0 g

of which saturates 0.0 g

carbohydrates 16.0 g

of which sugars 15.0 g

protein 2.4 g

salt 1.7 g

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