Sweet Salt From Cervia With Truffles - 100 gr.

Salina di Cervia

Sweet Salt From Cervia With Truffles - 100 gr.

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The truffle is an ingredient of noble tradition, which has always been used in the kitchen to add an unmistakable intensity of flavor and aroma to your dishes.
Here combined with Cervia Sweet Salt to obtain an aromatic of great value and strong personality, able to enhance any recipe.
The most fragrant Italian truffle is cut into thin strips and left to rest, together with the comforting essences, in the company of the Sweet Salt of Cervia to obtain the right degree of dehydration and the simultaneous slow release of the aroma from the salt truffle.

It is ready to become a precious condiment in the most varied and delicious combinations.

Ideal for seasoning meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, risotto.
combined with soft or seasoned cheeses.
Surprising on creamy ice-cream.
Ingredients : 95% whole sea salt, 2% dried truffle, natural flavourings

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