Mandel Treccine - 400 gr.
Mandel Treccine - 400 gr.
Mandel Treccine - 400 gr.


Mandel Treccine - 400 gr.

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Make sure you have some parmigiano and a good glass of wine when you try your first treccine alle mandorle. ...

These Treccine, produced with Crudo extra virgin olive oil, Altamura flour, yellow Moscato wine, are embellished with almond fruits of the “Filippo Cea” variety from Toritto, close to Bari. You will feel in Puglia right away...

They can be purchased in "snack" or "family" formats.

Ingredients : Durum wheat (contains gluten ), extra virgin olive oil (12%), white wine (contains sulphites ), almonds (10%), salt.

Allergen: contains nuts , gluten .

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 2015 kJ / 480 kcal

fat 21 g

of which saturates 2.9 g

carbohydrates 61 g

of which sugars 1.3 g

protein 9.9 g

salt 1.6 g

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