Extra virgin olive oil OLIVASTRO


Extra virgin olive oil OLIVASTRO

Normalpris 210,00 kr
Stykpris  pr. 

Brown in color tending to green like that of olives.

The ancient Greek and Roman peoples used olive trees to produce oil, but since the yields were very low, this was often used for medicinal or religious purposes. 

It is part of the Monocultivar Collection.

Harvest time: November

Color: Emerald green.

Olfactory sensation: Medium fruitiness with floral scents, mown grass, green apple, oregano and artichoke.

Taste sensation: Well balanced bitter and spicy flavor with notes of spices, vegetables, artichoke and aromatic herbs.

Recommended pairings: This cultivar intensifies the flavors without covering them. 

Serve on:

- vegetables

- white meat

- raw on salads

- caprese salad

- grilled fish

- raw meat carpaccio

- medium-aged cheeses.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil.

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