Galateo & Friends

Galateo & Friends is a brand born in 2002 in Arma di Taggia, Liguria. This business, which has a strong oil production vocation, produces extra virgin Ligure oil of Taggiasca quality, balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, seasoning and a selection of Italian specialties. Galateo & Friends raise an alimentary concept conveyed with the slogan "goodness is enclosed in beauty" a formula that offers the best of Italian alimentary excellence. The art of good living, that has always distinguished Italy.

This project has been created by Marco Bonaldo, already the founder of Terre Bormane brand that always watches about quality of the production line, approaches a high quality food design line with a collection of tableware designed by the famous creator and global designer Jacqueline Morabito. The bottles are created expressly on the original draft and exclusively for Galateo & Friends, by taking the vintage designs of old cans and making a modern cut. A true and appropriate life style that, like our own business brand name (Galateo is the Italian word for Etiquette), brush up on the old Galateo in a modern way and gives space to collaborations with many "friends" that will follow one another with their original creations.

Designers, stylists, internationally famous chefs, bloggers, architects, hotels from all around the world have strongly contributed to strengthen our brand with their creativity and mastery, making our products even more precious and original, all in the name of decency, a fil rouge that represent a business's core.

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