Fossacesia - Abruzzo regionen

Ursini is located in Fossacesia in the heart of Abruzzo, the green region of Italy where three national parks and the enchanting Costa dei Trabocchi attract so many visitors. A wonderful land in which the calling has always been olive growing.

Ursini stands out from other companies starting from its home: no old-school factory and no industrial area, but an ancient site dedicated to the activity of the olive-press and a new and welcoming small-brick structure to serve as the kitchen.

The factors which make Ursini extra virgin outstanding are few but defining.

The raw material , formed solely of whole olives which are manually harvested in the ideal moment of maturity, to then be ground instantly on the day of harvesting.

Use of their own mill to allow working the olives within four hours and working the single variety. This leads to an harmonic and balanced oil with an intense fragrance and brilliant ruby ​​green colour.

Dual decanting of oil , which is not filtered, to be carried out every 2 months.

Smagfulde produkter fra Ursini

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