Our history

It was love at first sight back in 2007.

After completing 13 home exchanges across Denmark, we made a life-altering decision to pack up our van and bid Venice farewell. Our new destination? Copenhagen.

We brought along our cherished comfort foods: balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pasta, and pesto. Little did we know how quickly we would indulge in these exquisite Italian delicacies, sharing them with newfound friends. Despite Dad's frequent travels, we eagerly anticipated Saturdays when we could unearth treasures from his luggage – reminders of home, joyful family reunions, and leisurely lunches with friends. Our journeys around the country introduced us to a myriad of local culinary delights.

Then the pandemic struck, halting our back-and-forth trips and depriving us of the scents that evoked memories of long, sun-drenched summers and the delightful food that accompanied us on holiday.

After overcoming logistical challenges and a few headaches, our beloved products are back in our kitchen – and now they're readily available in our stock! We've made the decision to share them with friends and fellow Italian food enthusiasts.

Naturally, we started with pasta! How could we not? We carefully selected the absolute best, the same pasta Michelin restaurants choose for their sophisticated dishes. It has become our everyday staple, and believe us, you don't need much else!

Our project is now in full swing. We hope our three children will join us on this journey, so you can soon discover amazing recipes, captivating photos of our new products, and an array of fantastic gift ideas. Because we believe these are exactly what you would love to receive, right?

We are often asked what makes Italian cuisine so extraordinary. The answer is simple: incredible ingredients and simplicity! That's why, at Foods of Italy, we have made the deliberate choice to collaborate with the small producers we admire most – passionate, generous, and inspiring individuals. Their products also happen to be the crème de la crème.

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