AFRIBON Whole Coffee Beans

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AFRIBON Whole Coffee Beans

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Amazing blend of 100% arabica beans from ethical producers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, made from the highest quality raw ingredients. Its creamy and thick texture fills the mouth. Perfect as everyday coffee.

Simone Fumagalli has learned the art of roasting the coffee from Gianni Frasi, who has been for many years an icon in this industry and his uncle, Giovanni Erbisti who started roasting coffee in 1947. and his original roasting machine is still in use, making Giamaica caffé the last torrefacteur in the world to roast their beans directly with an open flame.

The beans are delicately roasted over an open flame using Giovanni Erbisti's original Vittoria roasting machine from the 1950s, the only machine in the world from the postwar period still in use today. Since there is no automation in the process, each batch is always gently roasted separately, preserving the delicate aromas of each unique blend.

This traditional process and the attentions of the owner - who roasts each batch of coffee when ordered, so the product is as fresh as possible when it reaches the customer - is distinctive compared to large-scale coffee roasters that produce in two hours what Giamaica produces in a year.

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