Økologisk Creme Af Squash & Sicilianske Kapers - 150 gr.

Nonno Andrea

Økologisk Creme Af Squash & Sicilianske Kapers - 150 gr.

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The spread of Zucchini and Sicilian Capers by Nonno Andrea is creamy and sweet but with that pleasant salty scent of the Sicilian caper. It is ideal with fish starters, white meat, cheese and combined with boiled eggs to stuff sandwiches and focaccia.

It's a light alternative to classic mayonnaise.

Nonno Andrea's creams are produced with vegetables grown in their own farm close to Treviso (Biodiversity-friend certified)  

We love to spread it on:


Light starters with fish and vegetables


Ingredients : zucchini 62%, onion, *sunflower oil, *extra virgin olive oil, *Sicilian capers 2%, *parsley, *apple cider vinegar, unrefined salt.*cane sugar.
*from organic farming.
It may contain traces of CELERY and NUTS .

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 665 kJ / 159 kcal

grab 16 g

of which saturates 1.9 g

carbohydrates 2.1 g

of which sugars 2.0 g

protein 1.1 g

salt 0.8 g

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