Extra Jomfru Olivenolie PICHOLINE - 500 ml.
Extra Jomfru Olivenolie PICHOLINE - 500 ml.

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Extra Jomfru Olivenolie PICHOLINE - 500 ml.

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Picholine is the most widespread olive cultivar in France. Although it is used to produce olive oil, it is better known as cocktail olive.

It's also widespread in Morocco, Israel, Chile, the United States and other places in the world.

It's part of the Monocultivar Collection.

Harvest time: November.

Colour : green with golden tones.

Olfactory sensation: medium fruitiness with floral and herbaceous notes.

Taste sensation: well balanced bitter and spicy flavor with notes of almond, artichoke, unripe tomato and aromatic herbs. Harmonious and persistent.

Recommended pairings: t his cultivar intensifies the flavors without covering them.

Serve on : raw on salads and bruschetta or raw and cooked on dishes with a strong taste.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil.

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