"Feed The Family" Food Box


"Feed The Family" Food Box

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We have created the basic kit to prepare the quickest and most tasty pasta, with an amazing Extra virgin olive oil from D´Orazio Mediterranea Collection, the great Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri and 3 different sauces by our beloved supplier Ursini: the pesto, the arrabbiata sauce and the sciué sciué. The basic, most loved sauces so you can prepare delightful and tasty dishes in a few minutes!

- Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri - 500 gr.

- Extra virgin olive oil by Frantoio d'Orazio - 500 ml.

- Pesto without garlic by Ursini - 180 gr.

- Arrabbiata sauce by Ursini - 260 gr.

- Sciué sciué sauce by Ursini - 260 gr.

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