Trøffel Fettuccine - 250 gr.


Trøffel Fettuccine - 250 gr.

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Produced with the best Italian ingredients in a blend of durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour and fresh eggs collected from free-range hens, Filotea Truffle Fettuccine are bronze-drawn and dried at low temperatures for at least 24 hours. The craftsmanship of the processing makes this pasta highly digestible, perfect to be enjoyed with extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Also suitable for a mushroom ragout.

Ingredients : durum wheat flour, soft wheat flour , fresh eggs (30%), truffle (2%).

Allergens : eggs and gluten .

It may contain traces of shellfish and soy .

Cooking time : 4 minutes
Portion for 4 people.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 1584 kJ / 374 kcal

grab 4.2 g

of which saturates 1.3 g

carbohydrates 67.0 g

of which sugars 1.5 g

protein 16.0 g

salt 0.09 g

fiber 2.0 g

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