AGNANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.

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AGNANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.

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100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, blend, light fruity.

There are eight cultivars that make up this blend oil: Olivastro, Cima di Mola, Leccino, Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Picholine, Simona, Nociara.

Collected and cold-pressed, they perfectly harmonize in aroma and taste.

It's part of the Mediterranea Collection.

Harvest time: mid October - November.

Color : leaf green tending to golden yellow.

Olfactory sensation: slightly fruity, with notes of leaves, grass and artichoke, typical of the OLIVASTRO variety; notes of almond, characteristic of the CIMA DI MELFI; slight perception of tomato and grass typical of NOCIARA; soft sweetness of olive, typical of the LECCINO varieties and notes of hazelnut, rocket and radicchio typical of the CIMA variety OF MOLA.

Taste sensation: interesting balance of spicy, bitter and hints of living nature.

Recommended pairings : Slightly fruity oil, it accentuates the taste of the food to which it is added without distorting or covering.

Ideal with : fresh composite salads, mushrooms, vegetable soup, rice soups, pasta and beans, artichokes, asparagus, cooked vegetables with a sweet tendency (to contrast the sweet), white meat, bruschetta, sauces in general & truffle sauce, savory soups , boiled legume and baked tomatoes.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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