Linguine - 250 gr.


Linguine - 250 gr.

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Linguine is an egg pasta very similar to classic spaghetti, but flat instead of round. Produced following the ancient Marche recipe, they have a very porous surface thanks to bronze drawing, a detail that guarantees them an excellent ability to retain sauces.

they are enjoyed perfectly with a white or red fish ragù, or with the classic Genoese pesto. Spread by hand on each package and dried at low temperatures for at least 24 hours, they are characterized by lightness and digestibility.

Ingredienser: durum wheat semolina, wheat flour (00 type) and eggs (30%).

Allergener: eggs, gluten, molluscs and soybeans.

Tilberedningstid: 3 minutter

Portion til 4 personer.

Næringsindhold pr 100 g

energi                              1584 kJ / 374 kcal

fedt                                                        4,2 g

heraf mættede fedtsyrer                1,3 g

kulhydrater                                         67,0 g

heraf sukkerarter                            1,5 g

protein                                                 16,0 g

salt                                                       0,09 g

fibrer                                                     2,0 g

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