Extra Virgin Olive Oil SIMONE LUXURY - 500 ml.

Frantoio D´Orazio

Extra Virgin Olive Oil SIMONE LUXURY - 500 ml.

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Simone : a given name for boys in Italy, a native fine olive variety in Conversano, Puglia.

It has been the pride of the D'Orazio family for over 50 years.

This unique extra virgin olive oil is the best ingredient for enhancing vegetables and meat with character and elegance.

Medium greenly fruitiness with herbaceous notes of turnip tops and green tomatoes is the trademark of the rural Puglia. Once tasted, it shows a spicy and persistent scent.

It's part of the Monocultivar Collection.

Harvest time: mid October - November.

Colour : green with golden shades.

Olfactory sensation: medium fruity, with hints of green olives, turnip greens and artichokes.

Taste sensation: a pleasant bitter taste and fruity note of green olives.

Recommended pairings : moderately accentuates the taste of the food to which it is added, without covering it.

Ideal with : vegetable soups, rice soups, pasta and beans, artichokes, asparagus, cooked vegetables with a sweet tendency (to contrast the sweet), red meat, grilled meat and fish, savory soups, red meat carpaccio and truffle sauce.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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