ORCHESTRA Extra Jomfru Olivenolie - 500 ml.

Frantoio D´Orazio

ORCHESTRA Extra Jomfru Olivenolie - 500 ml.

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A perfect harmony between the local olive varieties Olivastro, Cima di Mola, Leccino, Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Picholine, Simona and Nociara. Thus was born the extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio D'Orazio, with a light fruity taste, enhanced by notes of leaf and grass.

It's part of the Luminarie Collection.

Organoleptic profile : from the leaf green color that tends to yellow gold. We are faced with a light oil, with hints of grass and leaf. The palate is slightly bitter and spicy, balanced, with notes of leaves and vegetables.

Recommended pairings: a light and fruity oil, the ideal seasoning to enhance a dish without upsetting or covering the flavors. We recommend it for fresh salads, vegetable purees, rice soups and tasty soups, dishes based on beans, artichokes, asparagus, cooked vegetables, with white meat, bruschetta, sauce, mixed legumes, baked tomatoes and truffle sauce.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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