Økologisk Extra Jomfru Olivenolie - 500 ml. 09/2024

Frantoio D´Orazio

Økologisk Extra Jomfru Olivenolie - 500 ml. 09/2024

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Nature is at the center of our attention, even in the designer bottles that preserve the organic extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio D'Orazio. The iridescent green of the leaves and the olives at maximum ripeness, full of their precious nectar. Nature is always the protagonist, even on your table.

Colour : green with golden shades.

Olfactory sensation: notes of grass, artichoke and almond.

Taste sensation: the spicy and bitter hints are well structured and in perfect balance.

Recommended pairings : the ideal condiment to enhance a dish without distorting or covering the flavours.

Ideal with : we recommend it for fresh salads, vegetable purées, rice soups and tasty soups, dishes based on beans, artichokes, asparagus, cooked vegetables, with white meats, bruschetta, sauce, mixed legumes, baked tomatoes and truffle sauce.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil.

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