Pappardelle - 250 gr.


Pappardelle - 250 gr.

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Pappardelle are among the most well-known and used cuts of pasta in Italian cuisine, the classic shape to be seasoned with game, wild boar and hare sauces. The bronze drawing makes the surface of the pastry rough and porous, allowing the Pappardelle an excellent ability to absorb sauces, making your dishes truly tasty.
Made with a mixture of fresh eggs from free-range hens, durum wheat semolina and Italian soft wheat flour, the artisanal process involves hand-rolling and slow drying at low temperatures, measures that guarantee lightness, digestibility and unique aromas.


Ingredienser: durum wheat semolina, wheat flour (00 type) and eggs (30%).

Allergener: eggs, gluten, molluscs and soybeans.

Tilberedningstid: 5 minutter.

Portion til 4 personer.

Bedst før:08. 11. 2025


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