Pastilles LEO - 30 gr.


Pastilles LEO - 30 gr.

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Twelve limited edition boxes of mixed flavors pastilles in the name of astrology and sweetness, discover them all!

Leone's appointment with the stars is back in 2023 with this second limited edition "Zodiaco", with illustrations by student Aurora Di Lillo of the IED in Turin, perfect for questioning the stars and accompanying them, with a touch of sweetness and color, the months to come.

Ingredients: sugar, thickeners: gum arabic, gum tragacanth, citrus essences, fruit juices (strawberry, currant and raspberry), flavourings, acidifier: tartaric acid, natural colourants: anthocyanins, curcumin, cupric complexes of chlorophyllins.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 1658 kJ / 390 kcal

fat 0 g

of which saturates 0 g

carbohydrates 97 g

of which sugars 97 g

protein 0 g

salt 0.01 g

fiber 0.7 g

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