Pistacie Pesto - 130 gr.


Pistacie Pesto - 130 gr.

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Filotea Pistachio Pesto is a sauce with a fresh and aromatic taste.
Made only with selected high quality ingredients: pistachio , almonds , olive oil, Grana Padano (milk), DOP Genoese Basil, garlic, salt.

Allergen: nuts and milk .

There are endless ways to use pistachio pesto:

  • Pasta or gnocchi sauce
  • Dipper for fresh veggies or bread: Perfect as an appetizer or snack.
  • Mixed into mashed potatoes: Leave out some of the butter and mix in some pesto instead!
  • Salad dressing: Just add in some extra oil or water to thin it out, then toss with your favorite salad.
  • Pizza or crostini sauce: So simple and flavorful.
  • Soup garnish: Perfect with so many Italian soups.
  • Protein or veggie sauce: Pesto can pair well with almost any meat, chicken or seafood, as well as just about every kind of cooked vegetable, especially grilled in the summertime.

You can refrigerate pesto up to 3 days. Also, to prevent the browning and help the pesto last longer, feel free to pour a thin layer of olive oil on top of the pesto to cover the surface.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 2790 kJ / 280 kcal

container 69.0 g

of which saturates 12.0 g

carbohydrate 9.0 g

of which sugars 5.9 g

protein 6.0 g

salt 1.5 g

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