Sweet Salt Of The Popes - 300 gr.

Salina di Cervia

Sweet Salt Of The Popes - 300 gr.

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The sweet integral sea salt , from the millenary Salina di Cervia, is collected according to the traditional method and is unique in the world. Naturally dried and washed only with high salinity water, it is not bleached or ground or added with additives to keep it rich in all the trace elements present in sea water. The Sweet Salt of Cervia has in the purity of sodium chloride and in the lower presence of the most bitter chlorides, the distinctive and peculiar element that makes it unique and sweet. The Salfiore di Romagna is also known as the Sale dei Papi.

The salt workers still call it "the pope's salt", due to the centuries-old tradition of bringing the first salt collected to the papal table.

The Salt of the Popes is recognizable by the grain, which is finer than that of the Cervia Salt. But it maintains the characteristic, its sweetness and the richness of elements, being simply collected, left to dry in the sun and washed with mother water, without additives. It is therefore an integral sea salt.

In the kitchen, the sweetness of this product does not alter the taste of the dishes. This is why it is said that Cervia Salt does not salt, but it seasons your dishes!

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