"Sciué Sciué" Sauce With Basil - 260 gr.
"Sciué Sciué" Sauce With Basil - 260 gr.


"Sciué Sciué" Sauce With Basil - 260 gr.

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Tomato sauce with basil in extra virgin olive oil.

Sciue' Sciue'...in Napoletana dialect simply means "hurry, hurry"... and refers to a simple way of doing something, so the name of this quick sauce made with few ingredients. It showcases juicy cherry tomatoes and bright basil, to yield a simple but flavourful pasta dish that's impressive enough for guests, but easy enough for a weeknight meal.

Forget about the long-term prospect when it comes to Italian pasta sauce. The long simmer should only be reserved for a sauce that includes meat. Most of the other pasta sauces highlight the fresh taste of tomato and this version from Naples is the top in terms of simplicity.... bursting with the essence of summer days, from the juicy cherry tomatoes to the fragrant basil.

Perfect pairing : spaghetti , but also maccheroni, mezzi paccheri, rigatoni or any medium sized pasta shapes would work well.

Quick tip : gently heat a little olive oil in a pan and warm up the sauce, before adding your "al dente" pasta. Toss well and heat through, about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and season only with grated parmesan cheese and olive oil. If available, a few basil leaves for perfect decoration.

Ingredients: tomato, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil.

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