Apricot, Limoncino Thyme & Chamomile Marmalade - 210 gr.

Nonno Andrea

Apricot, Limoncino Thyme & Chamomile Marmalade - 210 gr.

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Nonno Andrea's sweet jam with apricot, limoncino thyme and chamomile is excellent for filling baked desserts, croissants, small pastries or to accompany desserts. To be enjoyed next to a soft lemon cake.

Ingredients : Apricots (67.96%), chamomile syrup (organic cane sugar, water, chamomile flowers (5.82%), limoncino thyme (1.4%)), lemon, gelling agent: natural citrus pectin.

In Nonno Andrea's kitchen, delicious compotes with intense colors and aromas are prepared, using freshly picked fruit. They are cooked at low temperatures and vacuumed, with the addition of organic cane sugar.
In some recipes, tasty fruits from ancient varieties are used, coming from the orchards of Nonno Andrea, combined with the flowers of the property's hedges, spices and exotic fruits.
Always 18% sugar & 82% fruit

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy 552 kJ / 132 kcal

grab 0.0 g

of which saturates 0.0 g

carbohydrate 32.0 g

of which sugars 32.0 g

protein 0.0 g

salt 0.0 g

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