Extra virgin olive oil Tandem Olea - 500 ml.


Extra virgin olive oil Tandem Olea - 500 ml.

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Extra virgin olive oil Blend of 2 varieties of oil. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and through mechanical processes.

Harvest time: November.

Color: green olive.

Olfactory sensation: intense aroma of artichoke and green vegetables.

Taste sensation: the attack on the palate is powerful, full-bodied on the tongue, very persistent, which ends with a slightly bitter trail.

Recommended pairings : broad beans and chicory, vegetable soups or soups of legumes, pasta and chickpeas, grilled radicchio, grilled vegetables, red meats and meat carpaccio.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy                                 3386 kJ / 824 kcal

fat                                                            92 g

of which saturates                            18 g

carbohydrate                                            0 g

of which sugars                                  0 g

protein                                                      0 g

salt                                                             0 g

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