In 1950, Giuseppe Montanaro, known as Beppe, left the small town in the Alta Langa where he was born to begin his career as a chef at the Hotel Savona in Alba. At the age of eighteen, Beppe embarked as a chef on cruise ships and was exposed to the large international restaurants.

Strengthened by the experience gained at sea, Beppe returns to the Langhe and creates, together with his wife Domenica, the Da Beppe restaurant, which becomes a point of reference for truffle and mushroom enthusiasts.

Beppe and his wife founded Tartuflanghe. The idea is to select and certify the quality of the Alba White Truffle and ship it all over the world. Innovative ideas arise from truffle processing, which go far beyond fresh. Beppe and Domenica created Tartufissima, the first pasta in the world with truffles, awarded as Best New Product of the Year during the 1992 Fancy Food Show in New York.

Today the experience gained in truffle processing and its use in recipes capable of understanding and overcoming tradition are the basis of Tartuflanghe's "democratic" revolution. Chips, Aperituber and truffle dried fruit bring the essence of taste to everyone's table days: truffles are truly for everyone.

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