Assorted fruit gelées
Assorted fruit gelées
Assorted fruit gelées
Assorted fruit gelées

T'A Milano

Assorted fruit gelées

Normalpris 34,00 kr
Stykpris  pr. 

Delicious assorted fruit jelly candy in a pack featuring elegant, springlike colours, to eat on your own or to share with pleasure.

Flavors: lemon, orange, mandarine, yellow pear, green pear, strawberry and blackberry.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelling agent: pectin, acid: citric acid, flavourings, colouring vegetable extracts (carrot, black carrot, safflower, cherry, hibiscus, lemon, spirulina, pumpkin).

It may contain: nuts, milk, egg, gluten, sesamesoy and peanuts.

Nutrition declaration for 100 g

energy                               1453 kJ / 342 kcal

fat                                                          0,0 g

of which saturates                          0,0 g

carbohydrate                                      85,0 g

of which sugars                            73,0 g

protein                                                  0,7 g

salt                                                       0,16 g

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