Gianduiotti chocolate bag - 250 gr.

B. Langhe

Gianduiotti chocolate bag - 250 gr.

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Chocolates with gianduja.

The protagonist of the chocolate, with its classic upside-down boat shape, is the hazelnut from our hills, which finds the ideal ripening conditions precisely in the Langhe area. Born from the need to find a cocoa substitute in the production of desserts, its role then became a preponderant sign of quality in a good Gianduiotto. The latest arrival at B.Langhe is prepared with hazelnut paste and milk chocolate, carefully mixed and according to the most classic recipe.

Ingredients: Piedmont hazelnuts PGI 45%, sugar, powdered skimmed milk, cocoa powder 5%, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

Bedst før: 31. 05. 2025


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